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About Power Slash Games

Hi, I'm Angelo Cabezas a programmer and an Indie videogame developer from Chile. From very young I was interested in videogames, so much, that later I wanted to create one. I started studying computer programming, but after that I learned that videogames it's not only programming, you have to create characters, music, effects, animations, etc. I started to learn those areas, and finally I created my first Videogame Atomic Spike for Android, with the name of the developer Power/Slash Games.

Why am I on Patreon?
When I finished my first game, I learned my flaws and how difficult is to make a good videogame for just one person. That is why I am here on Patreon.. It's not easy for me to make a budget to pay some people, when I don't have time in my hands, between studying in the university, working and creating the game.

Why do I need money?
I want to work in videogames full time as my living, because I love videogames and create. I will use the money to pay people and speed up the development of my games and increase their quality.

What do you get from being my patron?:
You can get access to game content, like concept arts, designs, music, tools that I use in my games, video tutorials, updates stream, play alpha and beta builds of projects, even appear in the credits of my games. I will be adding more rewards in the future.

Videogames are my passion:
I want to create good quality games, oriented to it's gameplay and a deep story. I will create them with passion.

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