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This will show your support for our channel and community, as well as give us a big thumbs up (everybody likes those right?) 

With This level you'll get access to our Supports Server as well (when it is online). Whitelists for the server will be done at the start of every month.

You'll also get a lucky block (if enabled in the current world) at the start of every month when you are in the channel and we are online.

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This is the same as the $5 level, however you'll get up to 4 lucky blocks / chance cubes or 2 pandora's boxes at the start of each month.
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This level will give you all the other stuffs up ^^^ there. Also this will fully pay for a server for us. We aim to have 2 servers running - a streaming server and a community server. Our first server we put on-line will be supporting both the streamer and community server. If we can get 2 servers on-line though support of our viewers, we'll be able to put up a dedicated supporter server and put some heavier packs on it like RR3, FTB Infinity or SF2. You'll also get direct credit for supporting a server for the duration of the patreonage.




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About Powerspike

I am using Patreon as a way for community members to show support for the channel itself, and what i do. Current Funds will be going towards costs currently assoiated with streaming and it's realted items, like server rentals and broadcasting equipment. 
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This support goal will help us keep the shared streaming server online, and also setup a server for our supporters.
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