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I'm Pumpkin and welcome to my Patreon.

I've been drawing now for many years and I'm constantly working to improve myself each day. This patreon will act as a tip jar in the beginning, but you'll also get access to some pretty exclusive stuff first.
As a backer you'll have access to artwork and WIPs before anyone else. You'll also will have the chance to grab a commission slot from me before I make them public! I will be creating a mail club exclusive for backers in the future so keep your eyes out for that. 

Supporting my work will help me be able to branch out and continue to focus on improving and producing more artwork full time. 

Let's talk about the Tiers and Rewards! 

Candy Corn

You'll get early access to all WIPs and completed files of each of my completed non commission works before public release. You also get first access to commission slots before they're made public as well as 10% off of any commission over $25. 

Chocolate Bar 

Previous Tier+

Access to High Res completed works, as well as comic pages before public release. You also will get 15% off of any commission over $30 as well as first pick to merch before public release! As well as 1 Telegram or icon gift for just being a supporter

Pumpkin Pie

Previous Tier+

Pin club access! You'll get the pin of the month and sticker sent to you before they're made public. 
On top of a headshot of your choice as a gift for supporting me. 
Trick or Treat Bag 

Previous Tier+

Monthly mail club, on top of the pin club you'll also receive a small package of random gifts and artwork sent you directly. As well as a digital waist up gift.

$0 of $250 per month
Custom stationary gifts with each physical reward tier!
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