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Dear Patron,

Thanks for your love and support till date on my YouTube channel. 

I love spending time making content for the people who support me but I need to be able to cover my expenses. Making music, art and videos is financially expensive, but the real cost is my time. The more money I can get from this Patron campaign the more time and energy I can spend making guitar lesson and music for you and with you.

Till date I have uploaded more than 100 guitar lessons and guitar songs lesson videos. and Everything is free to access for all of you my dear friends. 

All of you know that I have started a guitar lesson series "Anybody Can Play Guitar Lesson Series" where i am teaching and sharing my knowledge of how to play guitar from scratch. Which I wan to continue till advanced Level. In this regards I want you support my hard-work by becoming patreon. Only my Patreon will have the access from guitar lesson #35. As these lessons are made with lot of hard-work by spending valuable time. Also these lessons are well structured, organized and  explained with more easiest step by step way.

I also really want to do more free guitar song lessons for everyone else. Things like tutorials and of course my actual music don't really generate income, but they fuel my soul and inspire our community to be the best versions of themselves.

Every little bit helps, so even if you pledge only a dollar I REALLY appreciate it. You are helping me make awesome guitar lessons for everyone.

Love you all.

Thanks & Regards,

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When I reach 1000 Patrons.
1. I will publish 2 or more guitar lessons per week instead of 1. 
2. Practic tips video.
3. Q&A sessions for my Patrons.
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