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Hi there! We’re Lia & Jeremy, the accident-prone married couple behind Practical Wanderlust. We're thrilled that you clicked all the way onto our Patreon page to read about us! We won’t let you down: we absolutely love talking about ourselves.

Just over a year ago, we got married, quit our jobs, and took off on an absolutely incredible year-long honeymoon. We backpacked through South America, Europe, and the USA.

... Well, we tried, to anyway. Mostly we had ridiculous adventures. Like the time Lia had to get rescued off of a waterfall. Or the time we ran a BMW into a castle in France. Or the time we took a mud bath in a volcano. Or the time we attempted to hike the Inca Trail only to turn around and hike right back (but at least we got to make some llama friends). ... You get the idea. 

Somewhere along the way, we created a blog that grew ... and grew ... and grew. Practical Wanderlust now receives 80,000 views monthly, and our fun part-time hobby has turned into a 60-hour-per-week behemoth. Like, a fun behemoth, but a behemoth nonetheless.

Which is where you come in!

We've finished our year long adventure, and we're faced with the prospect of Real Life again, where there are things like jobs and rent and bills and oh god I'm getting anxiety just typing this. 

But we LOVE travel blogging. Writing, being authentic, giving overly detailed advice, cracking bad jokes, inspiring others to be confident in their own imperfections and embrace themselves for who they are, to stop holding themselves back and say f*** it, I’m going on an adventure! We love it, and we're not giving it up.

So, Lia is embracing travel blogging as her full time job. And we'd love for you to help support us on this very exciting and also terrifying journey. Real talk: we are now a teacher and a blogger living in San Francisco, the most expensive area in the country, with a raging travel addiction. Whoops.

If we've ever made you laugh, if we've ever improved your travels by giving you helpful advice, or if we've ever inspired you to feel more confident and jet off on a flawed, fabulous adventure ... please consider supporting us on Patreon.

Your support helps us continue to do what we love, and what we do best: go to pretty places, screw EVERYTHING up, and then give you advice on what NOT to do so you can avoid making the same mistakes.
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When we hit $200 per month, we'll release a podcast that we've been quietly developing - to our Patreon supporters first, of course!
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