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About PremierAthletesOfSoFla

Premier Athletes is a non-profit football-training academy that has successfully produced dozens of Division 1, 2, & 3 players. Premier Athletes provides football players the tools to gain better knowledge of their position(s) and an understanding of how to exploit it on the field. Our training programs increases an athlete's skills set for their position(s) and get them in the best condition through the highest level of competition.
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Scholarships are everything to inner city intellectuals that are interested in investing in themselves & their community.There is nothing better than telling ur parents "Don't worry about paying for college, I got a scholarship".

Going away to college was very advantageous for me.Every college has groups of ppl that come together to focus on fixing & fortifying their community.Now I can honestly say that I understand other ppl's point of view.

They come up with the dream on their own but we come up with the plan together, that's #TeamElite

"Winning" is a group activity.

T.ogether E.veryone A.ttains M.ore

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