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About Aaron Rafferty

If you are reading this page, then I assume you have found some sort of value from my current or previous educational series. For that, I would like to say THANK YOU for your support! Moving forward, I have plans to continue producing content and though your monetary support is appreciated, it is in no way required.

My production rate is at a steady state since I do not have a formal team of researchers helping with this work. What I would love to offer, however, is better graphics and production value (possibly even videos) in the near future, which is where I foresee any funding from this page going towards. Therefore, you will find membership tiers to the right, which I will be incentivizing based on what is feasible for me and what would bring value to you all. If you have any ideas of offers or ideas to add, feel free to shoot me a comment or email; I would love to hear them! 
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When I reach 250 patrons/month, I will start a youtube channel to develop bi-monthly Q&A sessions for pledged members, upgrade my webpage to be even more user friendly, and begin a monthly newsletter for all of my subscribers.
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