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What are lifehacks?
Have you ever seen the channel 5 minute crafts? Hundreds of various and diverse DIY showcases. They are making it look good, easy, and quick to do but are they really?

Nobody validates lifehacks...
And that is a problem Preptalk is going to solve, we are going to validate these lifehacks under household conditions like you and us are living in daily. 

What's in it for you?
We want lifehacks to save you money alongside to be of actual value to you without compromising on your quality of life. We include into our lifehacks validation equation topics such as:
  • How practical is it really? 
  • How good is the result compared to a (commercial) product?
  • How long does it take to do / make it really?
To make it extra clear. We want you to save 33% on your monthly expenditure by applying 90% of our videos in your daily life. 

So your subscription to Preptalk will pay itself back many times over. Win-win!

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We will have the budget sufficient to hire a full-time 10 man strong team comprising of:
  • 1x CEO (Team head)
  • 2x executive producers
  • 1x camera operator
  • 1x video editor
  • 2x administrators
  • 2x public relation managers

What is so unique about this goal?
Our Patreon supporters will get the first chance to apply for any of these jobs (or forward one person on their behalf). 
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