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Channel Analysis and Monthly Checklist

At this level we check out your channel every single month and send you some of the best tips in order to grow your channel. These are not generic. They are tailored to your channel and your statistics. 

We will provide you with: 
-1 Detailed Channel Analysis
-Your Statistics for the current month and projected statistics for the month after
-Tips to Help Grow your Channel
-Content Ideas: Trending Topics and Video Suggestions

  • Channel Analysis
  • Tips for Growth
  • Video Content Ideas and Trending Topics
per month
Become a Press Play Artist
As a Press Play Artist, we provide you with weekly support for your channel. During this time we check on you regularly and provide constant advice and guidance for your channel. 

Here's what you are getting:

-All Previous Rewards
-Shoutout on Instagram on a monthly basis (@itsrayecho)
-Your Video LInk tweeted out every time you make a new video
-Weekly Check Ups and support. 
-Collab Opportunities for your channel/stream
Official Press Play Artist
Limited (10 remaining)
per month
This tier is for those that seriously want to pursue streaming or content creation on YouTube as a Career. This includes all rewards from previous tiers as well as helping you grow your social media, representing you and pitching you to companies, and managing you on a daily basis.

  • Channel Analysis
  • Tips for Growth
  • Video Content Ideas and Trending Topics
  • Daily Management and Advice
  • Representing You for Brand Deals and Partnerships
  • Social Media Analysis and Growth




Press Start Consulting  was started to help smaller YouTubers, Streamers, and Podcasters reach their goals. A lot of networks promise to help you grow your channel but has it really helped? The reason for that is not because of you, it is because the correct information and practices on how to grow your channel, stream, or podcast are not tailored to your style and situation. 

I was a small YouTuber....
When I started my Youtube channel, I had no one helping me and not a single idea on how to get started. Later on I started streaming on Twitch and had some success there as well. When I wanted to grow even more I looked towards a consulting company. They told me that they would be glad to help...however it would cost about $450 a month. That was insane to me. How can companies get away with charging so much. Needless to say I never went that route. But through the years that I've been on YouTube and Streaming, I can offer service that is on par then many of these companies. 

Here at Press Play Consulting we don't want a share of your channel. If you are a part of a network already that's great. We don't need you to sign anything with us in order to receive our help. Just support us. Look at the different levels and see which one works for you. At the end of the month when your pledge is processed we will reach out to you and provide you with a detailed analysis of your channel/stream and we will begin the process of building you up. 

Thanks for putting your faith in us! Lets go create amazing things. 

-Ray Echo
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We will create a Press Play video page in order to feature your work on our channel with a links and annotations that send viewers back to your channel
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