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Support our WordPress Magic for Good efforts for about 10 cents per day, and receive recognition in all our work as patron listings, and shout-outs online, in content, and unique social media posts. We'll also give you a license for one of our premium plugins or themes, for as long as you're a patron, with premium support and unlimited updates.

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Support our WordPress Magic efforts, and in return we'll maintain and secure your website, for as long as you're a patron, with premium support and monthly reports of everything that was done.

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Support our WordPress Magic efforts, and in return we'll build a new website for your business or brand, up to 5 pages, using content and images you specify, for as long as you're a patron, with web hosting, maintenance, monthly reports, and premium support included. 



About Press Wizards

Help support our WordPress® "Magic for Good" initiative to provide WordPress services at no cost to as many registered non-profit and charity organizations as possible.

Join as a patron today to support us providing free WordPress design, development, and maintenance services to registered non-profits and charities. Our free plugins we've contributed to the WordPress repository have over 250,000+ downloads, over 30,000+ active installations, and help people worldwide with their websites and content marketing efforts.

Your support means we can help so many organiztions to build real-world solutions and systems that change lives for the better. We focus our efforts on registered non-profits and charities that we can help make progress in big ways. YOU are the reason this is possible.

I hope you can support us to help others,
Chief Developer
Press Wizards®

WordPress® is a registered trademark of the WordPress Foundation, and is used with permission per their Trademark Usage Policy, as well as descriptive fair use, describing our Magic for Good as being done utilizing the amazing WordPress platform.

Press Wizards® is a registered trademark of Press Wizards Inc.

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When we reach 100 patrons, we'll design 1 website a month for any registered non-profit or charity for free. We'll also build 1 new free plugin that provide the most value to the WordPress community, based on feature requests and suggestions we've already gathered.
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