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About Preston

Hi everyone. 

If you're like me, you want to find meaningful work, to feel a part of a movement or community, improve the quality of your life, and feel less stuck in.

I started questioning if I was happy with my job, where I lived, and what I had to give to the world. After a number crazy jobs and some loosely planned travels, I've learned some things about finding my place in the world, and now I want to share it with others and help them find and create a new direction that's more exciting, fulfilling, purposeful or just better in some way.  

A short time ago, in a city far far away.
I, like many others, have started to realize the world was not okay, it was time for a change. But where do you start? What difference could I possibly make? Are there even others like me who feel the same way?

I started with getting out of my comfort zone. Talking to people about their work, their passions, and the things they wished could change the world around them. But, everyone was waiting, not doing.

I went back to my comfortable home in Asheville NC, sold everything I owned, and left with my backpack.

Life in New Zealand
I came to Christchurch New Zealand when I was 23, a city still half in ruins from severe earthquakes. Some left, because it was hard, boring, stressful, messy.. but, others, they chose to move here because of the opportunities. I discovered a community of people passionate about building a 21st-century city the way THEY wanted it to look/feel with social and environmental values/goals at its core. 

A few months into my 1-year working holiday visa, I sat down at a table with 12 strangers at Exchange Christchurch (XCHC), a warehouse creative space set-up to support artists/creatives to develop their creative ideas and businesses. They encouraged the Exchange of ideas and resources, building communities around them and creating a place of belonging. Being creative was the norm and it being seen as "weird" for your ideas, art, or way of life.

I met architects, painters, fashion designers, all working on their passions.  

At 24, I was named Exchange Operator, hired to steward the space and its community in a way that supported people coming together, learning from each other, exchanging ideas, developing their practices, and grow. Now 3 years later, I'm sitting almost exactly the same spot I sat for lunch that day, here at XCHC, working on a projects I see making a difference; they might spread to the rest of New Zealand, and maybe the world.

Come with me :)
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I can replace my stolen bike and car ? Hard neighborhoods need saving... real talk... I've been having a hard time. 
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