Preston Olivia James

is creating Our Humanitarian Movement




per month

About Preston Olivia James

Servant’s Creed

I serve a Goddess who is intelligent and compassionate.

I am second so She will be first.
I sacrifice so She will thrive.

I am completed through my dedication to Her.

For this Love, in return, She gives strength in many forms.

I am always studying intensely to improve my communication based skills and general knowledge. I use these to help improve our planet. 

My needs are minimal but your provided strength is paramount and greatly appreciated. 

Core living expenses:

Food $293/mo

Cell phone $65/mo

For a wonderfully mathematical total of $358/mo or $4,296/yr.

Goddesses give me strength to improve my communication based skills, reach more people, and survive at the same time.

One-time donations can be made with Venmo or PayPal (also offers a monthly option).
Some much needed STUDY MATERIALS.

Thank you, Goddesses, for choosing me to serve you.

Type a message to your loving servant LIVE on Twitch, or view past broadcasts and more on YouTube.

Humanity is in my DNA


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