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About Pretty Novel

Pretty Novel Music is now on Patreon, giving you the opportunity to support the local Maryland artists you already love! By becoming a Patron, you enable artists like Parallel Heights and Harrison Bonvissuto to create higher quality content, more frequently.

The Pretty Novel Patreon page is designed to provide funding for the projects of every artist that we represent; as well as collaborations and bonus material curated by our tastemakers. Your support will enable us to create higher quality music videos, live/studio recordings, remixes, collaborative projects with artists we respect and love.

Patreon is not designed to fund one big project, instead it creates sustainable income via small recurring pledges. Each time a new piece of Pretty Novel content is published, patrons contribute according to the pledge level they have chosen (up to their specified monthly budget). This both allows and encourages artists to devote more time to working on new projects, and guarantees you will get a steady stream of Pretty Novel content. As a way to say thank you for supporting us and helping us grow, we’ve created a number of Pretty Novel perks exclusively for our Patrons.

Ready to become a patron? We think it’s a pretty novel idea.

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