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Nach bhfuil tú go hálainn
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This is an Irish term for - Aren't you just beautiful! Thank you so much for your support! As all of my travel pieces are free to view you will get access to all of my patron only posts that centre around me so you get to know the person you are contributing to a little bit more!
Nach bhfuil tú go hálainn XL
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Not only are you beautiful but you're the cream of the crop beautiful! You'll get access to my patron only posts and every month I will send you a handwritten Irish Postcard from me!
Duine is fearr
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You are the best! You are the top job - you are what my mother hoped I'd turn out like! You will be credited at the end of every piece for your noted contribution to my writing either by name or faceook/twitter etc handle PLUS everything before!




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Hello and welcome to my Patreon!

Growing up I was never quite sure what I wanted to do in life, I wanted to be a archaeologist, an actor, a bar tender and many other things but I finally figured out what I wanted to do just as I was going into college. I did extremely well in my exams meaning I could pretty much do any course I wanted to do in college, but writing was the path for me, and in particular, travel writing.

I decided to do a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. I adore journalism and three years later I am delighted to say that I've never been happier with what I am doing in life!

I am using Patreon so I can raise funds to setup my own professional blogging website. Travelling is my passion and I hope that comes through in my work! 

The majority of my work is focused on travel but for those of you who wish to learn a little more about me there are some posts about me thrown in there!

I post on average 10 times a week! Coupled with everything else I am doing at the moment it keeps me nice and busy!

From Monday morning to Sunday evening all posts made for that week will be free to view and will then become locked to patrons only when the new week begins! 

Patreon works by you pledging a certain amount every month, this isn't a contract and you can cancel your contribution! There are rewards at different levels of patronage so besides helping me you get something for your buck! 

If you made it this far thank you so much! Please, go check out my content that is available for the week and if you're interested in more than I would absolutely love you patronage and all of my content will be available to you, as well as a few nice extras!

Thank you so much for your time and have a great day!
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This is my first step and one I am so anxious to achieve. This is the cost to setup a hosting account for three years with Blue Host. Once I raise this amount of money I can download a professional blogging service and setup my own professional website!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
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