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About Prince Armory

Prince Armory Patreon

Thanks for stopping by!  We would be honored to have you as a Prince Armory Patron!

What is Prince Armory? Since 2007 we have been creating fantastic creations for our clients all over the world and now we turn to Patreon to reveal so much more content to you all.

So what's inside the Prince Armory Patreon community? 
There are two key areas of focus.
1) To raise the curtain and share behind the scenes and early access content from the incredible custom projects we craft.($10 and under helps us just keep making cool content!)
2) To share our knowledge so our Patrons can learn how to craft the kind of things we make. ($15 and up will grant you additional access to help you learn and grow your skills.)

How are the Patron contributions used?
The quality level I'm going for on this educational/tutorial content is not cheap; it's no stretch to say I've put in tens of thousands of my own funds into a/v and editing equipment, and worked very hard toward producing video content for this venture. There's still a long way to go, and I can use all the help I can get.  More funding means better gear, which means I can provide even better looking tutorials. It also means I can spend more time to make better content, and more frequenty!

Thanks for dropping by! Learn more about our works at
And you can also help support us by buying patterns at the Prince Armory Academy
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Milestone Goals in progress!
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