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Thank you so much for the support. i really appreciate it! every little bit helps me out. 

You now get to see the work in progress photos. 

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Thank you! Your support speaks wonders.

you now have access to the discord and can help send inspiration to me. Im a HUGE fan of memes and dragon age btw. you also get access to polls and can help influence my works with your support on the discord

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Thank you! you now have acces to the discord and can send inspiration to me. 

If enough people pledge this tier ill have something new and exciting to give out to people in this tier

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About Prince Ryn

An'daran Atish'an! The names Ryn and I'm an ex art student. i love to draw, paint, write, and create. i suffer from mental illnesses that prevent me from working enough to live comfortably but doing art is a great outlet for me to feel like i have a little more control in my life. I create characters and stories, I write fanfiction, I paint and draw fanart, I love doing little house building and i repaint dolls too. I love meeting new people and getting to know people with mutual tastes. i hope you end up liking what you see.  
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I'll work on creating special stickers to send to all my $5 tier supporters
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