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Welcome! I am an architect, engineer and a programmer and I have been working on some of the world`s most interesting buildings in the last 10 years. This gave me an insight of what an "architect" in the age of automation might look like and how we can save this proffesion from dying out, or turning into something none of us want or need. 
I create free software, educational videos and lessons, and try to open discussions and give opinions on the future of architecture, digital design, digital fabrication, AI, VR and all of the things waiting for us in the near future. Join me on this journey! I hope I will be able to teach you and inspire you and above all learn from you. Let's get to work!
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At the moment everything I offer is free. However, commercial plug-ins and lessons/tutorials will start appearing and Patreon support will get you on my list, and give you a discount once that content appears. Additionaly you will have access to videos available only to Patreon supporters.

I will not charge anything and all the videos will be for free before we reach some noticable amount (at least 100$ per video).  Once we do, and I start charging, then I will start immediatelly creating content exclusively for Patreon supporters and think about the discounts for them once the online classes are out.

Once I do start charging, the rewards will always be per video - you get charged when the video is out. You can also set a maximum on your pledge when you sign up so you'll never go over your budget! More elaborate reward system will come very soon.  

$40 of $100 per Video
I will set the first goal line to 100$ per video. This will prove to me that these videos are important to you and inspire me to create at least two videos per month. 
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