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  • my UNDYING LOVE! (Yes this love will continue on even if I'm turned into a zombie, although no promises on not devouring your brain or anything like that.)  
  • a free monthly wallpaper because I guess people like that sort of thing? I don't really know. 
  • Sneak previews and sketches!
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For $2 you get everything listed above PLUS...

  • An annual copy of my "Greatest Hits" book (kindle version) with my best comics and stories from the past year with updated text pictures, and one bonus story! The 2015 edition will be sent out to you in April, and you'll get a new one every year!
  • A rotating link to your site under my Supporters column! Basically this is a super cheap way to get traffic to your site!
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Woah, woah, woah! You're a big spender huh? Okay you'll get everything listed above PLUS
  • remember that undying love from the $1 pledge? You get that WITH A PROMISE OF NEVER EVER DEVOURING YOUR BRAIN NO MATTER HOW BADLY I WANT IT AFTER BECOMING A ZOMBIE!  This is a serious deal people. It comes highly recommended.
  • I will draw a picture of you!




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I write stuff. I draw stuff. I'm pretty sure that's enough to deserve some support right?  Okay fine I'll offer you some free stuff too...
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I will work on my site full time and give up my current day job of netflix binging and throwing things at people.  I'll probably only work half-heartedly though because secretly I'll be wondering what hit show I'm missing and if there were any aimless teens I could have thrown noodles at while knocking them off their skateboards and laughing as they're attacked by rabid seagulls. But still... it would mean more stuff from me more regularly.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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