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Our main source of revenue are ads on the game, by backing us 1 dorrar you can turn on your ad-blocker and never fear if we will have nickles to eat!
The original trooper in your color(coming soon)
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Errrm... You get your name in color. That pretty much covers it.




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Trooper is a game by an indie game dev company Proclive. We are aiming to create a fun shooter based on skill, reflexes, planning and cunning. We have big plans for this game and this is just the first step of a wonderful gaming journey. Trooper is still in early stages but you can already see its potential, so come and check it out!

Trooper is created by Proclive. Proclive is a small company based in Croatia, counting 6 members (3 productive ones). We all love what we do and want to do more of it and thats where you come into play. We despise ads (like any sane person) and we wish with all our hearts to make a fair game where money can only get you golden showers, diamond skin and jewels for eyes. Not bigger guns, stronger armor and stats. (pay2win)

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We implement "log in" and "team" features. You don't have to do crazy moves to invite others to join your unofficial team. Now you can make one and dance like crazy for the fun of it!
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