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About Trey McIntosh

Hey, I’m Trey McIntosh. I’m the writer, creator and pretty much god of the world of SAMURAIDAZ!!
For those of you unaware of what SAMURAIDAZ!! is, it’s a series blending golden age hip-hop culture, samurai cinema, and couples that with themes of social commentary, revenge, and the consequences of harsh choices.

(The first five pages of the one shot - check out the rest here on Tapastic: SAMURAIDAZ)

The story itself revolves around Beat, who is the last of the Samuraidaz, a clan of enlightened people capable of harnessing and manipulating a mysterious source of energy known as the Tempo. The world itself is in disarray, broken from an occurrence known as the “Dark Tempo Event” where the misuse of Tempo in bad ignorant music produced a cataclysmic effect that wrecked over 86% of civilization. After this, the Samuraidaz were vilified as criminals and targeted for elimination by the government, and the people, left without their heroes, fell prey to the iron grip of the Black Order, who claim they’re here to balance the world when really they want power.

What do men with power want? More power.

Beat, being the last living member of the Samuraidaz is the only one with the sufficient knowledge of Tempo who can effectively stand against them. Yet he’s not alone in this battle to fix the world; he’s joined by a small crew of adepts who feel the touch of Tempo, as well as the Bassment, the freedom fighting movement who endeavor to keep the culture living and breathing. It’s light and darkness in hip-hop where everything stems from the beat.

If I had to call it anything, it’s “Jet Set Radio” meets “Fist of the North Star”.

Patreon has been on my mind for a while now. I tried to make one before but I dove in without checking how deep things were. Patreon, believe it or not, allows us to support the artists we enjoy in creating the things we love to see, read, hear, etc., by pledging some money for each of their creations. They can focus on their craft with our help, guys!

In particular, in addition to SAMURAIDAZ!!! I'll write short stories on my blog, produce more poetry for my Instagram (@prodigious_dialect btw!) and do audio readings of them all to put into a collection. People have told me I have a voice for an audio book so I’m finally taking them up on it.

I’m also planning on doing a Podcast and videos on writing; I do teach writing to others and I feel it’s time to really get into it, to improve my own craft and help others build their own styles.
Now I’m starting this Campaign as I want to take this project places (namely the animation studio and the convention table), and I have other properties that I’ve pitched to people that I feel should see the light of day:

  • Cheshire, a fun little romp of a series inspired by games like Super Mario, Kirby and Sonic the Hedgehog that stars a pudgy catboy with an endless gullet and mad skills. This series has the potential to be a multimedia endeavor as Samuraidaz, like an animation, a comic, and a video game.
  • Heat the Soul, a project where I sought to combine the earmarks of a Shonen battle manga, a sport where you hit people in the face with fast moving objects, and comedy. The series starts Kira Hartnet, a middle-school Little League slugger with a hell of a swing and dangerous lumber, forced to move in with her mother in a sleepy little Japanese town. Yet, as soon as she steps foot on their soil, she knows she’s in for a wild ride, as this town is known for a little game played by a select few – “Soul Hitting”, and her dangerous lumber is right at home! It’s One-Punch Man meets Rival Schools: United by Fate!
These three projects have been seen by various people and I want to bring more of it to them as well as to the rest of the world. I’m a writer who works freelance but as we all very well know, bills and various living expenses takes away all of the funds I make. So this Patreon is to help me produce more of the content you all beg me to make (mostly SAMURAIDAZ but the point still stands).

You can pledge any amount you want! If you pledge $1 or more, I’ll send you a personalized poem postcard to give my thanks (I’m working with limited resources so forgive the backgrounds!)

The more support I can get from you all, be it a simple donation or a page share, the more content I’m able to dedicate my time to producing. Each pledge means so much to me; it shows me that you all care enough to help me make my dream a reality. As I inch towards becoming a full-time writer and author, there’s a ton of extra content I plan on loading onto this page as total pledge goals. It’s things I’ve been dying to do with other people. Lofty goals, but what the hell? Everyone’s got dreams.
$6 of $50 per Every new story!
The main goal of this Patreon is to give support to artist who've agreed to help me bring these projects to life. As we know, good art ain't cheap and cheap art ain't good, so the more support towards these goals, the more pages we can get made.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts