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I grew up loving movies.

That's something that that I feel I got from my mother, Judy. She loved movies, too.

I always wanted to make movies, but for a long time -- 30+ years -- I didn't have the means to make one. I took basic filmmaking classes when I went to college, but I didn't have the resources to obtain the necessary equipment, and I didn't know anyone else in the small towns in the area who I could collaborate with.

At various points over the years, I got hired by Hollywood TV and film crews who were shooting locally, and I began to learn from them what pieces were necessary technically to make a film.

Over the years, I developed my screenwriting skills and learned what it took to tell a story on the screen.

Last year, I made the big move, from Eureka to Hollywood, where I've been working various jobs in the film and TV industry. I've worked any position I could get, from setting up the snack table, to setting up lights, to holding the boom (microphone), up to more important jobs like Production Coordinator and even Co-Producer on an independent feature.

But my goal is to make my own films -- to tell my own stories... stories that are important to me.

I have laid the groundwork for myself by buying the bare minimum equipment necessary: a camera and a sound recorder and editing software. However, I learned a very important lesson way back in 1988 in my college filmmaking class that is still very true today: making narrative films takes more than one person. That is to say, I need actors. I need makeup artists when my own makeup skills aren't sufficient. I need someone to hold the boom. I need someone to clap the slate. I need a focus puller, and a crafts service person, and a gaffer and an electrician.

Now the most basic films that I have been working to produce right now, I have succeeded with just one actor and myself, recording sound and running my own camera. And this is how I intend to start.

But in addition to collaborators who need to be paid, I also need locations, wardrobe, props, and set dressing.

The stories I am looking to tell aren't set in a bachelor's apartment, and the characters aren't always going to be wearing clothes that the actors already own, and the characters will likely need props (which are things they hold in their hands to help tell the story), and the places I film won't necessarily already look like I want them to in my films.

So, I need financial assistance to help complete my films. Any amount those who become my patrons provide will be put straight into my storytelling endeavors, to help tell stories that Hollywood doesn't.

Stories that my mother would have loved.
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With $400 per month, I would be able to shoot 2 days with minimal equipment, cast, and crew: basically 1 actor and 1 makeup artist at 1 location, over 2 days.


I would be able to take the time to write the first draft of a dramatic film I want to produce called "Run Like a Girl," about a 12-year-old girl who isn't allowed to run in her small town's annual "boys only" long-distance race.
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