Patreon Pro

All the tools to master membership
Build a thriving membership business that provides meaningful income for you and a rewarding experience for your patrons.

Engage your patrons

Hosted creator page

Your creator page is where you invite fans to become patrons, showcase the benefits you offer, and post updates and content just for them.

Unlimited membership tiers

Membership tiers are levels of membership with different benefits and prices. We help you optimize your tiers, and track and deliver benefits to patrons.

Patron communication tools

You own the relationship with patrons. You can communicate with them directly via email, posts on your page, or with direct messaging.

Grow your business

Special Offers promo tool

Give yourself a raise! Offer something special for a limited time to get more patrons.

Analytics and insights

Easily check the health of your membership and uncover insights to help you grow and improve.

Creator-led workshops

Access our livestream workshops featuring top creators. Learn from creators in your field about how to build a creative career, both on and off Patreon.

Connect your apps

Patreon integrates with apps, like Discord, Crowdcast, and more, that help you run your business, connect with patrons, deliver content, and even automate tasks.

I have all the autonomy to do whatever I want; I can go as fast or as slow as I want; and can say more or less anything I want. Patreon gives me freedom and a much more genuine approach and relationship with the people who are following me.

Simone Giertz, Shitty Robots

All plans include:

Direct relationships
Develop relationships with your patrons through patron-only posts, messages, or directly via email.
Business tools
Track patron payments, lifetime value, and notes to help manage relationships with them directly.
Flexible payouts
Pay yourself whenever you want, or receive monthly auto payouts from your creator balance via direct deposit, PayPal, or Payoneer.
Patron support
Rest easy knowing we handle your patrons’ questions, payments, and concerns to ensure they’re taken care of.
Creator-first education
Learn how to effectively run your creative business with our workshops, world-class knowledge base, and creator resources.
Mobile app
Message your patrons and monitor your membership business with our native iOS and Android apps.

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