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I love creating and sharing. I love to inspire, it's in my blood, in my DNA. I'v always been a storyteller at heart. I'm captivated and head over heels over a well told story. 

We are living in such an amazing era right now, where there are so many more opportunities to do what you love and actually get support for doing it. 

I have been in the education game for over 15 years, and I love my students, but I really don't jibe with the administration, the bureaucrats, and politics that bleed all over our educational system.

They seem to be working against the educators, teachers, and professors trying to do something different, trying to bring real world, practical tools to the classroom that students can actually use in their lives.

The dinosaurs with their 400 year old thinking is running the show. And resist change like the plague, even if the records and data show how poorly our educational model is serving our students.

I would love to do what I do in the classroom and help more people, and reach a wider audience. 

I worked heavily in the private sector as well - since I was 13 years old when I helped start my Mother's Leather Business and have recently entered into the online space, running my own consulting agency, where we help individuals and businesses with their messaging, branding, mindset, digital profile and a bunch more... 

I was attracted to Patreon because it seems that they support the innovators, and encourage people trying to inspire and motivate the world to follow their heart's destiny.

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