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        About ProgrammerSam

        About Me

        Back in 2013 Twitch had opened the door for me to play video games and stream but most of all it allowed me to interact with others and meet new people--friends. Over the years however, I had got really ill and could not even get on the computer to stream anymore...let alone play games. Without going into detail, I have got much better and my health is top notch again. So this passion for streaming video games and making content for YouTube is in full swing.

        This page is designed for individuals that wish to help me succeed as a full-time streamer and content creator. I work currently as a Substitute Teacher but...that barely brings in enough money. Full-time streaming is what I want to accomplish and with help, I know we can make it happen. 

        Right now, I currently have to use affiliation links and advertisements on my page to make any money; I would much rather that not be the case because I do not want to clutter my page with ads. 

        Visit my stream and show some support.

        Why Patreon?

        Let's be honest, I will not sugar coat anything but making a career out of streaming is not easy, nor cheap; this is where Patreon is critical to my success. By supporting me, you are allowing me to make this dream career become a reality and in return I can provide higher quality streams along with better edited YouTube videos for highlights. Also, with me just finishing my college debt really begins, needing all the help I can get to survive. All this will then be turned around when I am partnered and stable, meaning I will be able to give back more to the community that supports me with:
        • Bigger giveaways
        • More interactive streams
        • Higher quality content
        • New equipment 
        • My own house

        How to Help?

        No amount is too small! Bubba loves belly rubs and that means the world to him :D but joking aside, the way I can succeed is by your support. Through any amount, it helps me get back on my feet and push out the best quality entertainment streaming possible.

        Thank you so very much,
        "Programmer" Sam

        *Please note for physical item reward: USA shipping is paid by me but international is not; Patron is responsible for the price.*

        **Also, since Patreon takes 5-9% of the pledge, Patrons may request not to receive any gifts from their pledge level. This helps me out a lot and it means that I can save more towards my goals. It means so much to me that you are helping me out, not for the rewards but for my success.**
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        By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
        By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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