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About Progression Productions

Ever since I was twelve I've wanted to be a writer; now, thanks to you guys, I can, through videography! I cannot express how much I appreciate everyone's support in making this dream possible for me and my family!

Speaking of family, my wife and I have a little boy of ten months, whose name is Griffin. Because of your support here, he will grow up with his dad being at home with him instead of away every day at a jobsite. So, from little Griffin, we have a huge thank you, that sounds more like, "hmm, wa, hahu." And you cannot forgot the cute little dance he does every time he sees daddy come home from work.

What do I do?

As you can see in the above video, I try to take storytelling to a creative, new level. I filmed this with my family at a paintball field in Ford, Washington in only a few hours with a $45 budget. It was a crazy, fun day but really showcases what I do with limited resources and equipment.

What can you expect?

Each level of support has different rewards, but generally, I will be posting new content twice a month. This will increase when I reach my goals because I'll be able to stay at home and work. I hope to do mostly narratives like the one above, but I'm also going to be showcasing people's skills and passion in a fresh, new perspective!
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At $2,000 per published post I can stay at home and make this my full-time job! Which would mean even more material for everyone to enjoy!
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