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is creating Health Education Through Puppet Shows In Kenya

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Puppeteers, UNITE! Join us by putting your HAND UP! In a fist! With two one-dollar bills crumpled up inside! We will turn that cold hard, pretty small, sort of tiny, bit o' cash into a puppet show that improves lives, inspires equality, and saves lives.

We want puppeteers to give here! Then, send this link to another person whose armpit you are none-too-familiar with. We want EVERY puppeteer in the whole wide world to join us in the $2 solidarity pledge - we will make you PROUD!

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For just the price of a single stick of deodorant (with antiperspirant) you too can help the needy people of Afri - just kidding, we don’t roll like that. We are your neighbors on this big blue rock hurtling through space and our problems are just like your problems! (the solutions might, however, be different) Down with old-school, antiquated, first and third world terms - and up with giving puppeteers just enough money to buy a can of speed stick. Monthly. Because you know our pain, it's just like your pain: sweaty!

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Ok, this is the last of the starving puppeteer giving levels. The first two? No prize! You just get access to all our videos and blogs. Third level? We will send you a little mini Kafil. He’s our male lion puppet character, only small, and without any actual moving parts. It’s a cheap, albeit, super cute, made-in-china, replica of one of our anchor characters in our shows.




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Our team of puppeteers/teachers is strong. We have a united purpose – to use our puppetry skills to teach things that aren’t being taught. Tough stuff. Some people don’t learn it because of a lack of access. A lot of people aren’t being taught because the subject is taboo. Sometimes it is just a lack of an interesting way to share the hard science.

There are millions of people here in Kenya yet unreached with basic health education. We are driven by a passion for our neighbors to speak what needs to be said in a way that breaks down barriers.

Our hope is that if you, our friends and colleagues around the world, learn about what we do, and agree that our work is vital – that you would join us by providing the one tool we require to break down those barriers. Money, of course.

We are indeed set up as a 501(c)(3) non-profit in the USA and a Community Based Organization in Kenya – so on some level we are a “charity.” But, and this is important, we don’t want to be viewed as a charity nor do our audiences. Instead, we wish that you would assist our work as an expression of solidarity.

It’s sort of in the name “Project HAND UP” – no one is looking for a handout, instead we need people to join us to give a hand up.

We’ve been operating for four years now. But in late 2019 we realized something. All along we have been helping others. Our director helped us get going. We helped our audiences learn important things. Donors from around the world helped fund our messaging. But we had a paradigm shift. We are artists, and, well, *gulp* we need help. Us.  The eleven of us pictured above.  We really need help.  Living from grant to grant, gig to gig, project to project is hard. Doing it in Nairobi is exceptionally hard.

Most people instinctively know that the life of performing artists can be difficult. Now imagine doing programs that aren’t particularly commercially viable. Imagine depending on the next foundation or charity to fund the artists to do a project – but what about between projects? Yes, we do entertainment too – we "get by" in-between projects by doing shopping mall and country club and resort gigs.

But, what we really want to do is CREATE. Constantly. We want to translate our health programs into more languages (we have 47 languages here). We want to create shows on additional difficult topics. (Cervical cancer, diabetes, bird flu, sugar-daddy culture, female genital mutilation, etc). We want to put our ample equipment to daily, weekly, monthly non-stop use and abandon the "stop and start" pattern our kind of art is subject to.

There is no way for us to create while we are stuck in the grant cycle.  Generally speaking, a grant will be for one thing.  For instance, we have a partner right now who funds us to do a conservation project.  Fine and good, and it keeps us afloat, but there is no money left over to pay the team members who aren't touring that conservation program to develop a show on menstrual health.  We have the time and the skill - but an unfunded member of our team is going to be out in the streets of Nairobi hustling for work.  

Grants exist for admin or general funds, sure.  But that is neither reliable or constant.  Yes, it can be done - and we will continue to chase grants - but why not also have a strong group of Patrons, like yourself, (or your club, family or group) also keep us going?

Our ambition outweighs our funding, our capacity to do good relies on the fickle industries of shifting government initiatives, competitive foundation grant award cycles, and issues du jour of intervening embassies who have constantly shifting leadership. Meanwhile, we know what our communities need and our ability to reach our neighbors remain tethered to funding that may or may not come.

So, here it is. We know what we are doing. We use current science and researched data to create scripts. We constantly practice entertainment skills to improve our abilities to grab and hold attention while we teach. You should see our videos on how we create and implement content – it's really exciting and smart.

But we need help. Us, personally. We need Patrons who believe in our work to give us the reins to create and perform the messages that save lives. Empower us to do the good we are meant to do.

We have a few nice give-aways and we will be telling stories and writing updates on this page too. We'd love to live stream and give insights into our daily lives as well - maybe via a Facebook group for Patrons?  Let's keep in touch and join arms in solidarity as we make change together.

Please, create an account, pledge a monthly donation and be our partners in creating a more healthy world.  

$216 of $1,452 per month
This is the average amount we need in order to pay all of our operating expenses related to: rent, security, water, electricity, storage and internet at our USA and Nairobi offices.

Once we clear this amount, the rest goes to paying people and getting the work done!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts

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