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Like all inhabitants of Mt. Olympia, Olympians possess grace, beauty and vitality.

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Muses are, of course, primarily the inspiration of divine art.

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Ganymedes, Hero of Troy
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Ganymedes, Hero of Troy

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>DVD to be produced after the "First Shot"

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About Project Prometheus Unbound

      Project: Prometheus Unbound

      Zeus. ZEUS! Nephew of mine! Thy name sits in my mouth like fetid flesh. How arrogant you look, sitting atop your dung hill.
      Do you think you can contain me? I have cast off thy chains. Upon your eagle I did feast. I, who had made man from the clay of the Earth, who then gave him fire, the divine spark of humanity, that he may dream, and having dreamed, the insolence to build those dreams into reality.
      Now I stand upon the Earth before thee and curse thy name! I laugh at your ignorance! I dare thee to cast down thy lightning bolts. I own the elements, earth and sky, fire and water, and with them I shall capture thy bolts and freeze thy fire.
      Now cast! Cast! And watch as I play and create divine art that hath no equal. Each casting a reminder of thy pathetic countenance, thy feeble dominion over inept gods.

The Proposal:

      My intent is to birth a new art form. The medium will be the four ancient elements: Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water- “EWFaW”. (Pronounced ‘Oo-Fa’ – my word, I get to make the rules!) I intend to extend a 300-foot silver wire to a thunder head. I will ground the other end and, in between, I will then set a series of experiments to determine which combination of sand, sea water, and metal oxides will produce, with the help of a lightning strike, unique sculptures. (See fulgurites)
      I am not aware of any other artist trying this technique, and I have looked. The University of Florida and NASA have done some early research. If the results are positive, as I believe some will be, I will return and replicate the favorable results. But this first attempt will be for discovery. I know fulgurites occur naturally and research indicates at least one successful attempt at man-made (in Japan).
      For this first outing I am looking to assemble the necessary kit- silica sand, metal oxides, silver wire, etc. I will need camping equipment, as predicting the precise location and time of thunderstorms is rather inexact. I will also need recording equipment with a high-speed camera to document the adventure. And a suitable vehicle and trailer to haul everything very, very, off-road.
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At $1500/ month we'll be able to begin purchasing video/ audio equipment. We need a couple more GoPros, a high quality video camera as well as a high speed camera.
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