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About Project Weeping Angel

Thank you to all my supporters. If you wish to support my work, you may:
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NOTE: I am posting these videos for your enjoyment, but there is no need to donate, because Patreon will not respond to my issues. Since January 2019, I have been unable to retrieve my donations, yet Patreon support has not responded to my request. If you are able to help me with this issue, please email me at [email protected]

Meanwhile, you are invited to join me as we explore news in its truest sense. Project Weeping Angel is a CIA plot to spy on citizens through our Smart Phones and Samsung Smart TVs; therefore, I've named this channel accordingly as a constant reminder to the Deep State, I've had enough! This channel is a portrayal of the ills the Deep State along with the CIA have imposed on ordinary citizens. My intention is to expose these insults and hopefully, together come to a peaceful solution to bring them to an end.  I hope to bring these issues and more to light via this channel. 
For full transcripts of videos, visit the PWA blog at:
You may also support the channel by purchasing "The Commanders Artist" prints at the blog site above.  You may Contact me: p[email protected]

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