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•You will be able to message me anytime for help! You will be able to send me a picture of your art and I will send it back with some notes and suggestions that will really help improve your work. I will explain and show you such things as perspective drawing, color theory, contour lines, drawing anatomy, proportions in anatomy, composition, color temperature theory, dynamic poses, depth in color and much more!

Thanks to everyone who supports and likes my art I appreciate everyone! Thank you!




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Hello my name is Daniel Hernandez and I am a digital illustrator from Turlock, Ca. I am 26 years old and have been painting and drawing for more than 10 years. I get inspiration from a lot of different sources like life events, movies, comics, anime, nature, and more. Even though I am mostly a digital painter it is still very important to approach digital painting as a traditional painting, the reason being we can still learn a lot from master painters by studying theirworks. I am offering tutoring for any artist out there who is trying to sharpen their drawing skills for only 20 bucks a month you can get lessons, suggestions, and tutoring. You will be able to message me anytime so I can help you on your drawings! Thanks for the support! Happy drawing!
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