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You’ll also have access to the full recording of PV’s and Siggy’s perspectives of all their MPL matches, including mulligans and their sideboarding. This is something you can't find anywhere else, as the official broadcast only covers a couple of matches per week. 

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About Pro Points Podcast

Hey everyone!
We're so excited to be launching a new podcast. We've been thinking of ways to share our thoughts with you and we're happy to have a medium to connect in a podcast.
We're Sam BlackMike Sigrist, and Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa, and together we're the Pro Points podcast.
Every week we'll bring you our thoughts on the tournament scene and go over MTG news that impacts the community.
Thanks for your support here on Patreon.
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We'd like to create Pro Points podcast sleeves. Hitting this first goal helps us pay for getting artwork commissioned and placing an initial order through a supplier. If we hit it, all supporters from the Silver level up will get periodic packs of sleeves sent to them.

Thanks for your support, we really appreciate it!
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