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I need my fellow Patrons pledge to help continue this movement forward to follow up with all matters involved, and to make a film to tell about it (below).  I would like to invite those who pledge to participate (whether you email me suggestions, ideas, thoughts, contacts, or help in some part of the research involved, etc) as we are diligently moving forward, where I will communicate and post updates with any new information about developments. We are also interested in experienced film professionals who may like to help with the movie making process  (i.e., producer, director, editor, camera, writer, etc), if you are interested or for more details please contact me directly at [email protected] :

A Film Treatment for:
Stand Up America:

“The Propria Persona Experience”

This is a true story about my lawsuit against CBS News and the personal struggle and journey I endured throughout the legal process. Why didn’t they read many of the documents I filed with the court, and respond to them?How many mountains do I have to climb to get a trial and have my case heard by a jury? Did CBS News report lies just to get higher ratings thus creating drama; why didn’t they check the facts? Was there a conspiracy? Were people involved paid off? Or was it really just a serious comedy of errors throughout the legal system?

I am a quantum biofeedback practitioner who sued CBS News for Intentional Tortious business interference, where they said many enormous lies in a report that was illegal about the quantum biofeedback device which I use to help people. This device involves energetic medicine and is used for stress reduction & to heal others. The undermining principle of my case is that CBS news slandered the device:

1. CBS news said the device was ‘illegal’, ‘banned in America,’ and not compliant with the FDA- This is a huge lie.The device has always been legal to market, sell, and use, as it has been legally registered with the FDA since 1989.

2. CBS news called the inventor a ‘Felon’, when in fact he is not.They said this to try to discredit the device where CBS again failed to check their facts, and they also didn’t have common courtesy to ask the inventor for an interview for discussion before publishing this major lie.

3. CBS said there were no studies done on the device when in fact there have been hundreds of studies done.

4. CBS reported that ‘thousands of practitioners say the device “can detect, even treat, diseases – serious diseases,” however, CBS did not take a survey nor did they interview any practitioners involved with the device to report what anyone said.

5. The CBS report involved an illegal hidden camera that was shady because it was filmed without consent. If CBS was interested in doing an honest report, they would call and ask to arrange a time for a meeting to do a report on the device with written or verbal agreement (not behind our back with a hidden camera). The CBS report was not only filled with lies, but the report itself was illegal.

6. The CBS report also had a mysterious ‘unidentified man’ dressed in a formal suit who gave commentary that lead people to believe he had some kind of authority in the matter; however, CBS failed to tell us who he is or what his credentials are, where there was no basis to substantiate anything he said.He was apparently an actor which CBS hired for their report.

CBS never came forward to correct their report or any of their false statements when they were confronted, and even sued, and the courts have not yet made them correct the lies, either. Why? Where is the justice?

As this legal situation developed, I wound up becoming the ‘Erin Brockovich’ of my industry so to speak, where I appealed the case on up to the US Supreme Court because the lower courts all ruled against me for no reason given. I also did extensive research with the FDA to find the status of the filing. Also, complaints were filed with the FCC, the FTC, and the attorney general with the US Department of Justice, where I await the response. I will put this information into the film and also post updates here as I receive them.

I have fought this case mostly in 'pro per' (propria persona, which means to represent yourself without an attorney).  After talking to hundreds of lawyers it was almost impossible to find a lawyer where they all gave me bogus excuses as to why they couldn't take the case, afraid to take on CBS, apparently due to how big they are. My first lawyer on the case was irresponsible as he did not show up to the 4 of the hearings in my case, and then I discovered he was ill and had a heart attack which left me in an awkward position to substitute him out. Then my second lawyer blatantly lied to the court and then left me hanging due to his incompetency and wrong-doings, where I had to substitute him out as well, and file malpractice suits against both lawyers.  Therefore, I am representing myself again in this lawsuit without help from any attorneys, where I still need legal representation for this lawsuit.  If you happen to know someone who would take this case, please email me.

I would like to make a feature film or documentary to further illustrate how absurd all of the attorneys were who I came in contact with, and the injustice of the legal system which takes one backwards and backwards, for those who have been burned in lawsuits for various reasons. Further, I would like to illustrate what happened and how I did not receive due process from any of the courts.
I would like your support with your pledge to help bring forth truth & justice by sharing problems I experienced in hopes to help restore the legal system, and further support those who are in 'pro-per'. Also this movement will be beneficial to healthcare and holistic healing, as this device is perhaps the most cutting edge technology on the planet and should be a part of any responsible wellness program.
For more information you can also see the links at my website at or you can email me directly at [email protected] /* */ 

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I will make a full movie sharing what I have experienced in the courts with all of this...
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