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Пишу стихи и прозу. "Крылья для одиночек" - моя книга о людях, какими я их люблю. Если хотите поддержать меня,  то нет ничего проще))
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Want to read 100 classic Russian poems and publish my readings on Youtube. I think that good literature is what we all miss in the contemporary world of social media. Like the rest of the world Russians are losing their classic culture with the speed of light. But the Russian people needs to return to its cultural roots more than any other nation on earth. In absence of our great poetry we, Russians, become a belligerent tribe of illiterate savages. We need to resurrect our culture instead of rebuilding the USSR.  I am sure that I can help people to start loving poetry instead of war. OK, I am a romantic)) But I am sure that if a lot of human beings try to imagine a better world it will be more real, than the world which scares us and makes us to worry about the future of our kids.
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