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About Protean Sol

Protean Sol, also known just as Sol among friends (that's me! Yay!), is one of those creative powerhouses who'll do anything, ANYTHING, mwahahaha*cough*haha! Erm.

I've been playing and making music since before I could play the keyboard (which is my main instrument), plonking along at the keys until I found something that would work. I also spent wayyy more time writing lyrics than I did on school work (oops), which means I know how to put two words together and make them sound good!

My songs are a study of the human condition, so to speak. I write about depression, abuse, anxiety, longings and yearnings for something else, but also lighter things when I'm feeling silly. I think I have a fairly broad range as far as themes go.

My music, specifically, generally goes under the "left field pop/rock" category. I spend a lot of time creating melodies and harmonies.

I would like to thank anyone who comes by my page, and especially all three of you who made it through this entire blob of text! If you decide to support me, I will be forever and ever and ever grateful. :)

Find some of my music on SoundCloud.
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