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is creating podcasts, blogs, and videos as he trains for ATP Tennis Tour!
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About David Yakobovitch

Hi, and my name is David!  I am an educator by trade, and I have worked with top athletes, artists, and actors to help them be successful at their business ventures and to hone their craft to be excellent.

My childhood dream was to compete at the national or international level in tennis, but I gave this up when my parents could not afford tennis camp, clinics, and coaching for me to enhance my tennis skills.  I have always practiced through high school and college, and today I am practicing 20+ hours weekly with new technology, a coach, and the persistence to work smarter and harder.

I'm reversing the tables, taking what I have learned with my coaching skills and my favorite past-time tennis, to apply the same coaching methodologies, nutrition, lifestyle, and discipline to excel at tennis to compete in the ITF Futures, and then to advance to the Challengers, and who knows, ATP!?.

I'm here asking for you to be a part of my journey, to learn from my trials and tribulations as I push myself to the limit to excel in the world of tennis.  I immerse myself in culture, and I'm ready to give my all to compete in the professional tennis tournaments.

From videos speaking of my nutrition, to work-out ethic, to training, coaching, footwork, traveling to coaches and tournaments both in the USA and internationally, share in my narrative to turn my childhood dream into reality.

Weekly, I will provide videos, answer Q&A and share with you data on my advances and changes in the sport of tennis on my Road to the ITF. I would be honored for you to be part of this journey to be witness to my successes and failures as I commit to making it on tour and showing the world that anything is possible!
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