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Proviticus Team is a group of gaming enthusiasts who strive to deliver an innovative game fit for those who believe the gaming community deserves the best. Our game will embody an MMORPG style that incorporates the ARPG combat mechanics found in Dark Souls with WoW’s structured team-based PVE conquests (i.e. dungeons and raids).

Though the stage of our development is still expanding, we can confidently confirm 90% of our storyline has been completed. When players log in to our game, we want them to be immersed into a world exceeding the expectations of their wildest desires. Our ambition is to take players into a world where a deep, rich, and authentic story is a standard.

Stephen Caraballo, the director of this project, has been working diligently to bring characters, dungeons, and weapons into fruition. Caraballo has created coding for classes and statistic formulas. A baseline demo-level design has also been completed and is currently being elaborated with the help of graduating graphic designers and programmers. This demo includes a full dungeon that implemented the concepts of quest zones and branching paths for progression.  Though we are doing the best we can, we are still lacking the monetary power to bring a vertical slice demo to life.

If you also believe our community is deserving of a game that is worth every cent and every moment, please consider being a patron and support our work.

With everlasting gratitude from the Proviticus Team,
Stephen Caraballo, John Ryan, Marshall Williams, Therese Jelli, JP Martinez, Raymond Miller, Anusha Jiandani and Florent Desailley!

Contact us on our website (still underconstruction) 

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From humble beginnings. We all have lives outside of this project. Full time jobs and family. We spend our own money to hire artists and programmers. As you can imagine this is very expensive. With your contribution we can offset the costs for hiring these amazingly talented individuals and pay them what they deserve for their work. This will also free up money that could be used elsewhere in the project. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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