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Welcome to the PoliticalRevolutionTv Patreon! We here at PRTV are dedicated to bringing you REAL news that impacts YOUR life! People are growing tired of being passive consumers of media, being told how and what to think. We provide you with unbiased news, and our allegiance is to NO ONE, but you, the 99%.

By becoming on of our Patrons, you will provide us with the ability to continue standing up to mainstream corporate media. Whether it's by helping  buy equipment, allowing us to cover more events, or to help pay staff members, your contribution will go a long way to help voice the issues that are really effecting us, the people. 

Thank you for supporting us! We plan on returning the favor in some fun, unique ways. Your donations are an investment in taking back our democracy, and providing the world with news that is not bought and paid for by corporate interests! News of the 99%!

Donations are set up on a monthly basis. To make a one time donation, simply remove your patronage after the first of the month once your pledge has been successfully processed. You'll know when that happens because you'll receive an email confirmation right after the 1st of the month that says your pledge has been successfully processed.
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