is creating covers and gameplay of various video games!

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Hello! My online name is PSComesWithBS, but you can call me PS for short! In my free time I do what any other teenager does with their time: work, play video games, nap/snapchat too much, and the such. Nothing too special in that regard, however I developed a passion for American Sign Language and music early in my so-called 'childhood'. This would eventually lead to a spark of interest in creating a channel on YouTube to create videos that, would hopefully, gravitate to viewers hoping to see a combination of covers/original songs that are in English, ASL, or a mix of both! Not to mention game play of various video games with commentary (and of course) English subtitles created by moi. 

Though I hope to make my 'brand' revolve around my channel, I also enjoy creating character arcs/stories in my free time. This in no shape or form means I draw characters... in fact, that is one of my weakness, but I hope to eventually improve on when I have the time/motivation! Most likely won't happen since it's not a true passion of mine, but who knows what the future holds? To get back to the point, I enjoy creating stories and will post short stories on my twitter from time to time. 

Unfortunately, I tend to procrastinate due to a lack of motivation. So, that is why I have created this! To, hopefully, find the inspiration within myself to help get myself back on track of just getting the ol' work done! 
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If I earn $10 a month, I will upload one video for sure. If we can get $25 a month, I will upload at least two videos a month.
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