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Who Am I?
Hi! I'm Eshwar! I've been creating FREE Photoshop and Photography tutorials since Jan 2016, and have released over 200 videos on!

Why Support My Content?
All of the content I publish on YouTube and through is 100% free.  To create a video it took 4 to 5 hrs for recording, editing, voice-over, subtitles and lot of post production. And also i will provide tutorial project files in my website for free downloads. Normally hosting and maintaining website is not free so i need to pay for all those stuff.

Right now i'm not getting any income from this work so I need your support to provide you quality and best tutorial every day.

What You Get
As a thanks for supporting my content, I'm offering several rewards for patrons! These range from early access to upcoming tutorials, downloadable content, monthly Hangouts, and more! Check out the rewards at the bottom of the page!

Sample of My Work
For those who may not be familiar with what I do, here's some of my video tutorials!

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This will allow me to dedicate more of my time into making more useful tutorials for you. It will also help me to produce 5 videos a week. My website & server costs would also be taken care of with your valuable support, thank you!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post