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3.5" x 5" Portrait Person in Black Ink (no frame)
I'm currently doing a portrait series of random faces.
Like Percival, here. (But you don't get the little frame.)

If you give $5, I'll do one for you!
I'm still looking into postage for framed and fancy framed (like the gold one pictured) tiny portraits, and I might open up requested tiny portraits, if you want a "likeness" of yourself or a loved one. Still feeling that out.




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About Dead Considerations

Welcome to Dead Considerations, an insomniac's exploration of things one really only has time to consider until after they've passed on from the mortal coil of living. I'm your host, Samantha Kings.
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This is really just to see if anyone is interested in my work. ^_^
If I reach the $50, I'll set some other goals!
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