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What do we do?

We are an organization that works with artists and writers, to give them a platform for their expression. We will license art from artists to sell on our store, paying them royalties from sales; and once we're able to sustain funding to cover operational expenses we intend to start paying content writers for their contributions as well.


When psychedelics initially stepped on to the scene in the 1950’s, the term was coined by British psychologist Humphrey Osmand at the suggestion of the famous author and scholar Aldous Huxley, meaning “to reveal the mind/soul.” Psychedelic Spirituality thus then refers to the usage of psychedelics in order to explore the nature of our being at its deepest levels.

Throughout history, the call of the ages has been to know thyself. The unique qualities of psychedelics elicit a state of consciousness that open our minds and reveal us to ourselves. This experience is spiritual in nature and aids us in claiming our birth right of our self-knowledge.

Psychedelic Spirituality is a platform that will attempt to reflect the history of and substance of psychedelics and the movement that has risen around them, while honoring and acknowledging the multiple indigenous cultures which have utilized them in their spiritual journeys for thousands of years.

As an organization we will attempt to disseminate information, keeping you up to date on the latest scientific studies and breakthroughs. We will support and share the works of artists whose vision seeks to express the vision of the psychedelic experience, and the works of writers whose poetry and prose captivate the imagination in their attempts to convey the ineffable and deeply transpersonal concepts and experiences of the psychedelic experience.

Help us support those who's creative energies are dedicated to bringing us works of beauty and thought provoking literature.

Help us support the movement for understanding and cultural acceptance of Psychedelic Spirituality.

Disclaimer: We do not support or condone illegal activities. Psychedelics are illegal in the United States and religious freedom exemptions are currently only given to two religious organizations. While we hope this will change one day, until such a time, we encourage you to refrain from any activity that is illegal in your jurisdiction.
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