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About Psychedelic Therapy

My motivation for starting a psychedelic integration therapy practice

My name is Lasse Pallesen, an Anthropologist, Designer, and Psychotherapist, interested in exploring our inner selves. I’m particularly interested in personal development and growth through emotional awareness. During my years as a psychodynamic psychotherapist and through personal experience, I’ve learned the immense importance of getting in touch with emotions that have become forbidden in childhood, and how our defences continually prevent this contact – even though we don’t want to admit it.

I’ve been interested in the link between psychedelics and therapy for several years and is fascinated by the research from institutes such as MAPS, The Beckley Foundation, and Imperial College London, dealing with the therapeutic potential of psychedelics. I firmly believe that – for most of us – psychedelics used under the right set and setting are immensely valuable tools to lift the chains that we may not even know exist.

As a Psychedelic Therapist, I am confident about my life purpose: Informing people of the healing potential of psychedelics as well as helping others through the emotional distress that can follow from a psychedelic trip. Because of the taboo and misconceptions around psychedelics, and the fact that psychedelic therapy is still considered “new and frightening”, there are far too few places, offering this service. Furthermore, I am a firm believer that this help should not only be available for the rich, which is why I’ve set up a free therapy practice in Copenhagen, Denmark as well as online – through my site

My upcoming book, Psychedelic Therapy – in Theory and Practice not only puts the potential of psychedelic therapy into a theoretical context, it also acts as a guide for anyone interested in pursuing this road of personal development. Donating to my site not only helps me in publishing this book, it will also support my continuing effort to assist with psychedelic integration therapy to anyone in need.
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When I reach 100 patriots, I will start a new site working as a community for psychedelic therapy around the globe. Ideally, everybody everywhere should have access to this service. Lets heal the world together.
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