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About psychicpebbles


hello ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, and dudes of all teenages.

my name is zach, but you may know me by my terrible online alias "psychicpebbles", or as that guy who co-created hellbenders and made some one-off videos like arrow to the kneeclown robberyfathers jewel, and get out of my car.

i've been making animations, podcasts, and other various forms of garbage for a few years now and as much as i enjoy doing it, youtube and "the web" in general have become increasingly volatile for independent creators.

patreon cuts out the middle-men entirely and allows YOU to directly fund stuff you like which allows me to not have to alter my content to appease the advertisers. what a concept!


with your hard earned money, i will finally be able to put a perfect, hyperrealistic replica of my head onto a britney configuration 1 real doll.

more importantly, whatever you donate will go to paying bills which would usually have to be paid by putting my time and energy elsewhere, like commission work (illustration, animation, etc).

with content creation, you're forced to choose between either time or money. if you fine folks help me skip the scales in favor of money, i'd be able to pay full-time assistants to help create more cartoons, pay editors and artists to pump out more podcasts, and pay other miscellaneous schlubs for whatever other horrible ventures i can think of. wouldn't that be swell?

but hey, that's all just best case scenario. i'm genuinely grateful if you donate a buck or nothing at all -- any and all support is super appreciated, and i mean that from the bottom of my tiny black heart.

also speaking of tiny and black has anyone seen my son? he was last spotted inside of a burger king restroom in twin falls, idaho, but he was too swift and was unfortunately able to evade me and the restaurant patrons who tried to grab him. if you see him, please whistle and say "milkies", that usually gets him perked up and smiling and may be useful in gaining his trust. this is not a joke or a "bit" of any kind, please contact me immediately if you see my son. 



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