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Thanks you for donating to me, this is. a very low amount of money but it. can go. a long way for me. You will be able to see any exclusive video's I may post on my patreon and will have a special tier in my discord server.

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Thanks so much for this, as I said in the first tier this money can go a long way for me! You will be able to see any exclusive videos and will be able to see any upcoming video scripts I may be making and as always will have a new title on. my discord.

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5 Dollars, wow. I can do a lot with five dollars and it can help me save up and make more creative content and gives me more time and flexibility with my schedule. The rewards are all of the above.

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I started out how most Yotubers start out today. I was inspired by the big Yotubers, the ones making all the big Youtube Bucks. That made me create my own Youtube channel and start posting videos of my passion, playing video games. They started out as a camera recording a screen and have upgraded a tiny bit. You can help me do that to the next stage, professional screen recorder, microphone, maybe even something special! You can help by supporting me by donating money. Some of the money may go to a gift card give away. I hope you enjoy my content and consider supporting me.
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If we could get five people supporting our channel, that would be great and would let me know that you guys want more of my content.
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