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Imagine how medicine would be taught and practiced if we completely understood the link between the mind and the body - if we controlled the placebo effect, if we could harness the intrinsic healing mechanisms of the body and prevent the harmful effects of chronic stress.

Our Team at Columbia University Irving Medical Center in New York (USA) conducts scientific research to understand the connection between the mind and the body. We use a new cutting edge approach inspired from mitochondria and cellular energetics to explore the intersection of psychological states and cell biology.

We need to find ways to promote health, not just to cure disease once they appear.

Mitochondria are amazing organelles that provide the life force that keeps us alive. Together with a team of fantastic international collaborators, we examine new communication structures within the cell, map the interaction between psychological states and mitochondria.

Support from our international community of Patreons will allow us to conduct transformative mind-body research that traditional funding mechanisms would not allow. Every contribution makes a difference. Ultimately, our research program will contribute to create the foundation for a more integrative and holistic medicine.

You can see our Team at here
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This helps support new experiments and the work of scientists dedicated to discover how mind and body communicate, and how we can leverage this new information to improve medical training and practice.
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