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Undying gratitude & sense of accomplishment 
For one thin dollar, you can A) help create more conversations about psychedelics and B) claim a place in Benjamin's heart. He will whisper your name adoringly on at least one (1) occasion to the morning sky.

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Bonus content and outtakes
Listen to exclusive behind-the-scenes audio from the Psych Out recording sessions. It might be uncannily funny, uncannily off-topic, or uncannily self-incriminating.

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Psychoactive postcard
Receive a personal thank you postcard from Benjamin with a hand-selected idea written in language. The ink and paper will not be scheduled or banned materials, but the ideas thereby conveyed may cause permanent changes to your mind-brain system. (You also get all the above rewards.)




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Every week on Psych Out, a new person comes out and speaks openly about their psychedelic experiences. Why do these conversations matter?

Psychedelics heal the sick, comfort the dying, and unleash astonishing human creativity. But despite their revolutionary potential, these materials are feared and their users stigmatized.

We can change that. By coming out, we're showing how healthy, smart, responsible people use psychedelics to expand their minds, develop their creativity, investigate reality, and build their relationship with the cosmos.
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