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About PUBG Lookup

Hello there!

You've probably found this because you visit an application I made called PUBG Lookup. First off I want to say thank you for using the site, thank you for your feedback and thank you for your support. It means the world to me. If you're from the Reddit community... you are a fantastic bunch of strangers.

I've had a few requests from the community and via email about a Patreon page. PUBG Lookup will never require for you to pay for it. It will always be free and I'll do everything I can to keep ads off of the site. If you would like to support the system financially you can become a Patreon backer.

If you don't want to become a backer that is completely fine. I hope you use the site, enjoy it, tell your friends and send me some new ideas!

If you decide to become a backer I couldn't possibly thank you enough. 

Cheers to everybody that has used and enjoyed PUBG Lookup. I look forward to creating new ways to review your statistics and match details.

See you in the final circle!

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