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About Pulp Diction Press

Pulp Diction Press is publishing monthly serialized fiction heavily influenced by the pulp adventures of yesteryear. However, unlike those thrilling tales, we aim to be more diverse in both creators and characters. Supporting us will not only allow our authors to create more nail-biting, cliff-hanging, slam-bang stories, but it will also allow us to hire artists who are people of color and LGBTQ+ to work alongside them. These communities have not often been well represented either within the pages or on the bylines of adventure fiction and PDP wants to see that change. With your support, we can start the change right here and now.

Creative forces of nature Daniel Swensen and Joshua Unruh have teamed up to bring you these stories in our new publication, Masks & Mysteries. Within its pages, you'll find an alternate history 1920s and 30s set mainly in Empire City, a metropolis even bigger than the Big Apple and rotten to its very core. In Empire City, the law will only get you as much justice as you can afford.

But when the law won't bring justice, the outlaws must! Enter the various mystery men of Empire City. The mysterious Whisper, the avenging Black Mask, the gentlewoman thief Scarlett, the golden Crusader, and more! These men and women will strike at injustice from the shadows!

Each one of these heroes has a twist that will turn the old pulp expectations on their heads while still supplying the excitement and adventure you'd expect from characters like Doc Savage or the Spider. With your help, we can take these characters from the printed page and breathe life into them through illustrations, audio, and many other possibilities.
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At this level, we'll contract an artist (who is a person of color, LGBTQ+, or other underserved community) to develop character designs and sketches for one of our mystery men. This art will be used to create rewards for patrons and to enhance future editions of our work.
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