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Hey there, thanks for supporting me! In return you'll get access to behind the scenes creation stuff and updates before they go live anywhere else.


  • Not more than once a month, some form of downloadable reward that will be the chargeable item - be it a printable, or a tutorial. This reward will happen as I can organise it. You only get charged when I release this.




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About punk-a-cat

Hey there!

I'm a traditional artist, and a writer. I love animals, D&D and a good fantasy novel, and I think that comes across in my work.

My current projects involve kids picture books, a webcomic (hasn't been launched yet, but I will have some process work available, as well as some ramblings about how damned hard the comics medium is) and work for print and gallery.

I'm hoping to provide some useful tips on illustrating a children's book, new artwork, WIP's, comics, sketches, and some general talk about the art process for anyone interested.

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Will do a limited print run of short stories and illustrations (zine) - will make the PDF free to all supporters, and the zine available for the cost of postage to supporters who have backed for 5 updates or longer.
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