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You're a cool dude.

You get original res versions and source files for all of the stuff i upload, plus, you also get all the cool stuff I'm planning to do in the future as this patreon grows

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Woah, there. This doesn't do anything. You should just go for the 1$ instead.
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What are you doing?!?! This doesn't get you anything!! You're insane!!!



About Pupper-O


this is my patreon page. i'm an artist who likes to paint characters and landscapes, and i want to do more than that.
i use autodesk sketchbook, its free! i also use a wacom tablet.

this patreon page is a way to support me and to help me reach my goals as an artist, or whatever. it's just a tip jar, mostly just a way to give me a hand for now.

the more goals i achieve, the more i will be able to offer in return for your support, and the more i will be able to actually take this professionally

for now, for those who support me through this platform, i will be posting my art in full resolution and also will be posting the original .TIFF files or .PSD files. you are free to do whatever you want with them with the exception of just straight up reposting them

if you'd prefer to send me money to my paypal directly instead of subscribing, here's my paypal.me link: https://www.paypal.me/Puppero
91% complete
meeting this very small, first goal will drive me to actually work on my art and actually put some effort into this whole thing
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