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This generous action might sound like you're just buying me a cup of coffee, but in reality you're also helping a small coffee or tea business get some press! Since much of my content starts with me shelling out at least $5 or $10 to properly experience a coffeeshop, you're keeping the "lit" in "quality."
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You my good friend are a real chum! You just filled my gas tank so that I can get to a new shop in order to sing their praises! If you want to really stretch the butterfly effect here, you are singlehandedly responsible for the success of a coffeeshop (maybe).
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About Bill

My name is Bill and I'm the guy behind the Pure Coffee Blog. For over 11 years I have been traveling the country (and occasionally venturing over the US border) to visit first-hand and proclaim the excellent coffee and tea institutions of the land. Due to a couple reasons (mostly a lack of time due to working other jobs to pay my bills), I often come up short on funds to do more with the Pure Coffee Blog and its content. All I am really looking for are some folks to help offset the costs of running the PCB so I don't have to declare a loss on my taxes.
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